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Which fields are explained on this page?
In which input files are these fields used?
On story lines: in DBS files, FSB files, y.dbs and z.dbs, yzsuper.dbs, w.dbi, DBI files, DPG CSV files.
On movies.dbs lines: in movies.dbs.
On entry lines: in DBI files, w.dbi.
On h1 header lines: in DBI files, w.dbi.
On h2 header lines: in DBI files, w.dbi.
On h3 header lines: in DBI files, w.dbi.
On story header lines: in DBS files, y.dbs and z.dbs, yzsuper.dbs, w.dbi.


What should the field look like?
Syntax: fixed position

In FSB files: Second line, anything before the first '[' (if present).
If there is [episodio:xxx] on line 5 (or subsequent), this xxx is added to the title.
If the title is "(senza titolo)", it is removed (meaning the story has no title).
What does the field contain?
Original title (or working title) of the story. For instance the title used by the original writer or by the editors, or the title of the story's first printing.
This depends on the kind of story.

Original title (or working title) of the movie.

Entries (DBI):
The actual title as used in the story. Or, if the story has no title: a title taken from elsewhere in the issue (usually a contents page). In the latter case, the title must be prefixed with "D:".

Note: if some "significant" text occurs on a cover, this is considered to be the title of the cover.

A title must be in the language that is used in the actual printed story.

English titles are usually reduced to the essential text, e.g.
    Donald Duck in "Three Little Mice"
is indexed as
    Three Little Mice

Headers (DBI):
The title of the issue (h3-line) or volume (h2-line) or publication (h1-line).
Titles of h1-lines are not repeated on h2-lines and h3-lines, so for an issue, the three titles can be concatenated. Example:
h1 title: Donald Duck weekly
h2 title: 1978
h3 title: special Valentine issue
The complete title of the issue would then be:
Donald Duck weekly 1978 special Valentine issue.

Story headers (DBS):
A textual indication of the group of stories where the header refers to.

Which log messages are related to this field?
Log2 (error)
260: D: without title
Which CSV field(s) use this field?
Table inducks_entry, field reallytitle
Table inducks_entry, field title
Table inducks_issue, field title
Table inducks_issuerange, field title
Table inducks_movie, field title
Table inducks_publication, field title
Table inducks_story, field title
Table inducks_storyheader, field title
Table inducks_storyversion, field keywordsummary
Table inducks_substory, field title
How is the data used in the rest of Inducks?
The values "CV" (CoVer) and "NT" (No Title) are discarded.
Titles starting with "R:" are discarded.
If a reprint of the story has no title, the story title is copied to that reprint, prefixed with "S:".

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