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Which fields are explained on this page?
In which input files are these fields used?
On translation (heroes-xx.dbl etc.) lines: in ISV input files.


What should the field look like?
This field has its own column.
What does the field contain?
The translations of the item (character, subseries, reference reason, universe, country, language). These fields are in separate translation files.

For characters, if more than one translation is given, the first one is the main translation.

For all other items, only 1 translation should be given.
Which log messages are related to this field?
Log1 (serious)
C04: Multiple translations <...> for language ...; only first one used
Log2 (error)
640: Name of ... ... in translation file should be <...>
650: Translation <...> of non-existing ... ...
651: Translation <...> of ... ... defined twice
681: ... ... not known in legend file
682: Translation of ... occurs more than once
Log3 (info)
649: Empty translation of non-existing ... ... ignored
684: ... has translation <...> of unknown country
685: ... has translation <...> of unknown language
Log4 (pedantic)
214: character <...=...> appears in ... comic but has no name in that language
Which CSV field(s) use this field?
Table inducks_charactername, field charactername
Table inducks_charactername, field characternamecomment
Table inducks_charactername, field preferred
Table inducks_countryname, field countryname
Table inducks_currencyname, field longcurrencyname
Table inducks_currencyname, field shortcurrencyname
Table inducks_languagename, field languagename
Table inducks_referencereasonname, field referencereasontranslation
Table inducks_subseriesname, field preferred
Table inducks_subseriesname, field subseriesname
Table inducks_subseriesname, field subseriesnamecomment
Table inducks_universename, field universename
How is the data used in the rest of Inducks?
Italian translations of characters and subseries are also used for translating FSB names to Inducks names. (See the FSB format.)

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