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Input files and file formats

On the previous page you read that there are several kinds of files, containing different kinds of information.

Every file has a specific file format. The possible file formats are described here.

Every kind of file consists of records containing fields. Which fields you can use, depends on the kind of file. How you put these fields in the file, depends on the file format. All fields in the Inducks system are listed here. With every field is mentioned where you can use it, and how exactly it should look like (the syntax of the field).

We store the Inducks input files in a fixed directory structure, in a system called CVS. Advanced indexers have direct access to CVS, other indexers use the COA on-line indexing facilities, or they send their data to one of the advanced indexers.

The next table gives an overview which input files are in Inducks, and in which format they are.

Kind File(s) Subdirectory Format Contains
DBI *.dbi issues/xx
DBI DBI files. The subdirectory name per country is specified in the file auxil/countries.dbx.
DBI w.dbi issues/us DBI_western DBI file for USA before 1985.
DBS *.dbs stories DBS Story files for storycodes starting with AR, D, E, F, G, H, K, S, U, and X. And story files for storycodes that are meant to be temporary, starting with S and Y
DBS *.fsb stories/fsb FSB Story files for storycodes starting with I
DBS h*.csv stories Holland3 Story files for some storycodes starting with H
DBS y*.dbs
stories DBS_newspaper Story files for storycodes starting with Y and Z (the newspaper strips)
DBS yzsuper.dbs stories DBS_feuilleton Story files for newspaper sequence strips
DBS movies.dbs stories DBS_movies Story file for movies (storycodes start with QM)
DBL creators.dbl legends DBL_person Contains information about persons, as used in the fields plot, writ, art, ink, and creatorref
Also contains information about other persons, but only if they have an abbreviation, as used in the fields trans, col, let, and inx.
DBL characters.dbl legends DBL_character Contains information about characters, as used in the fields hero, app, xapp
DBL subserie.dbl
legends ISV Information about subseries, as used in the field ser
Universes to which the characters belong, as used in the field universe in the file characters.dbl.
DBH creators.dbh
legends ISV More information about creators, the studios they are connected to, and characters.
DBL heroes-*.dbl
legendsISV Translations of characters, subseries, etc. in various languages. The abbreviation of the language is part of the filename.
DBX countries.dbx
auxil ISV General information about countries, languages, old storycodes, equivs.
countries.dbx includes the filenames, subdirectories, and formats of the DBI files.
languages.dbx includes the formats of the translation DBL files.
DBX storyfiles.dbx
auxil ISV Information about story files and some legend files: these files contain the filenames and formats of the DBS files, and some DBL and DBX files.
DBP websites.dbp auxil ISV External websites where we want to link to in Inducks.
This file contains the filenames of the DBP files in the auxil/dbp subdirectory.
DBP *.dbp auxil DBP_issueorstoryimage Details about webpages on an external website.
DBP scansites.dbp scans ISV External websites where we want use images from in Inducks.
This file contains the filenames of the DBP files in the scans directory.
DBP *.dbp scans DBP_entryimage or DBP_issueorstoryimage Details about scans on an external website.
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