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Which fields are explained on this page?
undocumented fields
In which input files are these fields used?
On universes.dbl lines: in ISV input files.
On refreasons.dbl lines: in ISV input files.
On scan DBP lines: in scans/dbp, auxil/dbp.
On oldcodes.dbx lines: in ISV input files.
On teams.dbx lines: in ISV input files.
On field DBX lines: in ISV input files.
On equivs.dbx lines: in ISV input files.
On storyfiles.dbx and legendfiles.dbx lines: in ISV input files.
On translation (heroes-xx.dbl etc.) lines: in ISV input files.
On website DBP lines: in ISV input files.

undocumented fields

What does the field contain?
Currently undocumented fields.
Which log messages are related to this field?
Log1 (serious)
704: Code on Equiv line (...) is not a used issue code
C02: ... is nonempty: <...> is not written to ISV file - Information between () is ignored in this case.
C12: ! or ) or ? behind field ...: <...> is not written to ISV file - Any ?, ) or ! at the end of the field is ignored in this case.
Log4 (pedantic)
702: Oldcode record (...) is not used...
Which CSV field(s) use this field?
Table inducks_characterurl, field url
Table inducks_currencyname, field currencycode
Table inducks_entryurl, field pagenumber
Table inducks_entryurl, field url
Table inducks_equiv, field equivcomment
Table inducks_inputfile, field secundary
Table inducks_issueurl, field url
Table inducks_personurl, field url
Table inducks_publicationurl, field url
Table inducks_site, field images
Table inducks_storyurl, field url
Table inducks_team, field teamcode
Table inducks_team, field teamdescriptionname
Table inducks_team, field teamshortname
Table inducks_teammember, field personcode
Table inducks_teammember, field teamcode
Table inducks_universe, field universecode
Table inducks_universename, field universecode
Table induckspriv_entryurl, field pagenumber
Table induckspriv_entryurl, field url


What does the field contain?
These are internal fields with information that is generated by Dizni.
The reason that this "field" is mentioned here, is that the information ends up in ISV files, and some log messages refer to it. See below.
Which log messages are related to this field?
Log1 (serious)
C03: Field is not numeric <...> - This message should not occur (error situations are corrected in an earlier stage)
C21: Inputfile number is 0
Log2 (error)
683: ...: ... added
686: ... changed from ... to ...
C70: Two items (... and ...) have the same hash; scans may be linked to the wrong item
Which CSV field(s) use this field?
Table inducks_appearance, field storyversioncode
Table inducks_character, field official
Table inducks_entry, field error
Table inducks_equiv, field equivid
Table inducks_inputfile, field inputfilecode
Table inducks_issue, field error
Table inducks_issue, field inputfilecode
Table inducks_issuerange, field error
Table inducks_log, field inputfilecode
Table inducks_log, field logid
Table inducks_log, field logtype
Table inducks_log, field number
Table inducks_log, field par1
Table inducks_log, field par2
Table inducks_log, field par3
Table inducks_logdata, field category
Table inducks_logdata, field logid
Table inducks_logdata, field logtext
Table inducks_movie, field inputfilecode
Table inducks_moviereference, field referencereasonid
Table inducks_person, field official
Table inducks_personalias, field official
Table inducks_publication, field error
Table inducks_publication, field inputfilecode
Table inducks_publisher, field publisherid
Table inducks_publishingjob, field publisherid
Table inducks_referencereason, field referencereasonid
Table inducks_referencereasonname, field referencereasonid
Table inducks_statcharactercharacter, field total
Table inducks_statcharactercountry, field total
Table inducks_statcharacterstory, field total
Table inducks_statpersoncharacter, field total
Table inducks_statpersoncountry, field total
Table inducks_statpersonperson, field total
Table inducks_statpersonstory, field total
Table inducks_story, field error
Table inducks_story, field inputfilecode
Table inducks_storydescription, field storyversioncode
Table inducks_storyjob, field storyversioncode
Table inducks_storyreference, field referencereasonid
Table inducks_storyversion, field storyversioncode
Table inducks_storyversion, field what
Table inducks_subseries, field official
Table inducks_substory, field error
Table inducks_substory, field inputfilecode
Table induckspriv_issue, field issuecomment

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