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Index of indexes: FRANCE

(CBD Barks indexes)

Carl Barks (issue 44)
A la decouverte de Carl Barks (issue 45)

Author: Michel Angot
Publication: Le collectionneur de bandes dessinnées 44 & 45
Publisher: A.F.B.D.J.
Date: 1984
Used in Inducks: not used. Independently reindexed.

Les Belles Histoires Walt Disney

(complete index of the first run)
Author: Michel Angot and François Willot
Publication: Le collectionneur de bandes dessinnées 81
Publisher: A.F.B.D.J.
Date: 1996
Used in Inducks: this was originally made for both the CBD and Inducks.

Mickey à travers les siècles

(about the French serial by Pierre Nicolas and Pierre Fallot)
Author: Olivier Maltret
Publication: Le collectionneur de bandes dessinnées 77 (?)
Publisher: A.F.B.D.J.
Date: 1995
Used in Inducks: most of the data

Carl Barks: bibliographie

(French Barks index)
Author: Tristan Lapoussière and François Willot
Publication: Back-up No. 8
Publisher: Tristan Lapoussière
Date: February 2001
Used in Inducks: This index uses Inducks data in part. The index was completed for both Inducks and Back-up.

Phil de Lara 2ème partie: Bibliographie aux États-Unis et en France

Author: Tristan Lapoussière
Publication: Back-up No. 12
Publisher: Tristan Lapoussière
Date: November 2002
Used in Inducks: Checked with Inducks data by Niels Houlberg Hansen (in 2003).

Bibliographie Romano Scarpa

Author: Fabrice Castanet
Publication: Pimpf Mag 13
Publisher: ?
Date: 2006?
Used in Inducks: Mentions as one of the sources
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