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An Index of Indexes

These pages contain an index of all published Disney comics indexes that we know of. We also list how we used (or did not use) the information in Inducks

Most indexes are highly recommended material, even if information was included in Inducks, since they contain information (like pictures) that does not fit here.

If you know of a printed (and published) index that is not in one of these pages, please let me know (h dot w dot fluks at wxs dot nl)!

Johnny A. Grote: Carl Barks, Werkverzeichnis der Comics
Michael Barrier (translated by unknown), foreword by Peter Reichelt: Der Carl Barks Index
Stefan Schmidt: (Floyd Gottfredson Index)
Klaus Spillman (with help from Thom Roep): Interessante veroeffentlichungen in den holländischen DD
Otto Burzlaff: Die Tollsten Geschichten von Donald Duck
?: Die Micky Maus Comicographie
Manfred Haertel: Al Taliaferro Index
Boemund von Hunoltstein: Verzeichnis der Fortsetzungsgeschichten in Micky Maus
Boemund von Hunoltstein: (Hunoltstein booklets)
Klaus Spillmann (?): (ComicZeit indexes)
Klaus Spillmann: Carl Barks Index 1981 / 1985 / 1989 / 1996
Klaus Spillmann: Paul Murry Checklist / Paul Murry Index (in English)
Klaus Spillmann: Micky Maus Index (Barks-Geschichten 1951-1982)
Hartmut Becker: Checkliste Mickyvision
Klaus Bohn: Der Datendonald
Gerd Cebulla: BarksBase
[Bearbeitet von] Maikel Das, Ulrich de Planque, Horst Schwede und Frank Beers: Deutscher Carl Barks Index
Detlef Giesler: Der Carl Barks-Index '89 / 91 / 94
Magnus Magnusson, Freddy Milton, Horst Schroeder, Ingo Milton a.o.: (Carl Barks & Co, various indexes)
Freddy Milton: Index (Dutch Donald Duck 1975-1977)
Rob Stechweij: Index Holland (Dutch work in Dutch Donald Duck 1977)
Rob Stechweij / Daan Jippes: Hollandsk Index (Dutch Donald Duck 1978)
Martin Olsen: Det Store Index (Komplet Skandinavisk Anders And Index)
Martin Olsen: Paul Murry Index 1943-1982
Ton Schuringa (for Het Stripschap, Amsterdam): Börge Ring - Strip-bibliografie
Henning Visti Rasmussen: Indeks over Carl Barks-historier i Danske blade
Henning Visti Rasmussen: Don Rosa-indeks
Anders Christian Sivebæk, Thomas Pryds Lauritsen: Dansk Don Rosa-indeks 2004
Frank Weinberger: Disney udgivelser i Danmark -- en guide for samlere (sic)
Markku Kivekäs: Tuntematon Carl Barks, Carl Barks bibliography
Simo Sjöblom: Carl Barks ja hänen tuotantonsa
Michel Angot: (CBD Barks indexes)
Michel Angot and François Willot: Les Belles Histoires Walt Disney
Olivier Maltret: Mickey à travers les siècles
Tristan Lapoussière and François Willot: Carl Barks: bibliographie
Tristan Lapoussière: Phil de Lara 2ème partie: Bibliographie aux États-Unis et en France
Fabrice Castanet: Bibliographie Romano Scarpa
Alberto Becattini: Disney Index, Comic Books - Vol. 1 & 2
Alberto Becattini, Luca Boschi: Disney Index, La produzione sindacata (1930-1980)
Alberto Becattini, Luca Boschi: Tutte le storie di ...
Franco Fossati: Tutte le storie di Carl Barks
Franco Fossati: Disney Made in Italy
Alberto Becattini, Luca Boschi: Mickey Mouse Daily Strip Chronology; Mickey Mouse Sunday Page Chronology
Paolo Castagno: L'opera di Carl Barks su Zio Paperone
Paolo Castagno: Il Topolino di Floyd Gottfredson
Alessandro Tesauro: Archivio Comics
Becattini, Boschi, Gori, Sani: Romano Scarpa, Sognando la Calidornia
Arie Lodder, Kees Oostdijk (additional data by Thom Roep): Barks Index
Rob Stechweij: Barks Boek
Rob Stechweij: Stechweij's Donald Duck index 7643 t/m 7653 (?)
Rob Stechweij: Stechweij's Donald Duck index 7701 t/m 7726
Rob van Eijck / Peter Parlevink: Barks bibliografie
Hans Matla: Stripkatalogus
Geir Netland and/or Sigvald Grøsfjeld Jr.: Don Rosa Indeks Norsk/Amerikansk, Don Rosa Norsk Indeks
Jan Roar Hansen: Index: Donald Duck & Co 1948-1960 (= del 1)
Jan Roar Hansen: Index: Donald Duck & Co 1961-1 til 1969-52 (= del 2)
Nils Lid Hjort, Rolf Jarn, Per Harald Jacobsen: The Carl Barks Index. Originals and Reprints 1942-1984
Jan Roar Hansen: Paul Murry og Floyd Gottfredson Index
Johnny Grote: Carl Barks indeks
Anders Berglund (1st and 2nd edition), Kjell Croné (3rd edition), Per Starbäck / Greger Nässén (4th edition): Swedish Carl Barks index
Kjell Croné: Index on the American Donald Duck comic book, 1952-1962
Johan Andreasson: (Comics by Al Hubbard featuring Fethry Duck in Sweden 1965 - 1971)
Kjell Croné: Paul Murry's True Continued Stories (and another index on Paul Murry)
Per Vedin (with additions by Stefan Diös): Comics produced by Gladstone
Per Vedin (with additions by Stefan Diös): Comics by Don Rosa, not produced by Gladstone
Lars Dahlbom: Year-index on first reprints by Barks
Joakim Gunnarsson: Comics published by Gladstone, coded with H
Joakim Gunnarsson: Daan Jippes, comics and covers (not H-coded)
Stefan Diös: Disney comics by Don Rosa
Simon Sahlberg: Comics coded H, reprinted in Sweden
Joakim Gunnarsson: Dick Moores index
Germund Silvegren: Comics by Barks featuring Gyro Gearloose
Anders Berglund: Index (found in Anders Berglund's drawer) on Continued Stories in Kalle Anka & C:o
Anders Berglund: 2000 and One Sight - Guide to Swedish Disney Completionists
Mark Worden: The Carl Barks Checklist
Dan McIntyre: The Barks Duck Index (1942-1981)
Frank Rosin: Barks Checklist
Thomas Andrae: The complete Mickey Checklist
J. Michael Barrier: Carl Barks and the Art of the Comic Book
J. Michael Barrier: The Carl Barks Bibliography
Kim Weston: Bibliography
Carl Barks?: The Fine Art of Walt Disney's Donald Duck
?: ? (contents pages of the CBL)
Byron Erickson: Indexing the Mouse
Robert M. Overstreet (Disney/Barks data acknowl. to John S. Fawcett and Kim Weston): The Comic Book Price Guide
Joe Torcivia, Chris Barat: Index of the Donald Duck comic
Joe Torcivia, Chris Barat: Index of the Uncle Scrooge and U.S. Adventures comics
Joe Torcivia: Mickey Mouse Checklist (1941-1982)
Michael Naiman: The Dashing & Daring Duck Detailer...Don Rosa (article + index)
?: The Calisota Handbook on the Works of Barks [and] Rosa.
Based on indexes in The Comic Book Price Guide: The WDC&S Mickey Mouse Serials, Parts 1-3
Kim Weston: The Carl Barks Index - A Concordance of the Comics of Carl Barks
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