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Index of indexes: THE NETHERLANDS

Barks Index

Author: Arie Lodder, Kees Oostdijk (additional data by Thom Roep)
Publication: Stripschrift 90/91
Publisher: Thespa
Date: June/July 1976
Used in Inducks: Very brief Dutch CB index, with page counts only. Data overruled by more recent indices.

Barks Boek

Author: Rob Stechweij
Publication: (book)
Publisher: Panda
Date: October 1977
Used in Inducks: Dutch publications of Barks covers and stories 1952-1977, Flemish index.

Stechweij's Donald Duck index 7643 t/m 7653 (?)

Author: Rob Stechweij
Publication: Striprofiel #?
Publisher: ?
Date: ?
Used in Inducks: Credits for Dutch stories

Stechweij's Donald Duck index 7701 t/m 7726

Author: Rob Stechweij
Publication: Striprofiel 4e jaargang, #3
Publisher: Panda
Date: September 1977
Used in Inducks: Credits for Dutch stories

Barks bibliografie

Author: Rob van Eijck / Peter Parlevink
Publication: Bark Barks en de Mythe van Walt Disney's Donald Duck
Publisher: Vonk
Date: 1985
Used in Inducks: All information was already available from other indexes.


Author: Hans Matla
Publication: (book, up to 9 editions)
Publisher: Uitgeverij Panda
Date: October 1993 (8th ed.), 1998 (9th ed.)
Used in Inducks: codes of Dutch albums, contents of a few rare albums. The books contain information from Inducks as well.
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