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Brazil (Abril)

Production in Brazil (Abril)

General information

The first Brazilian Disney title, O Pato Donald, has been published since 1950, and since then new covers by Brazilian artists were published along with American ones.

The first south american Disney artist is Luis Destuet, he came from Argentina to teach brazilian artists to work on the "Disney style". One of them is Álvaro de Moya, who made some Mickey and Pato Donald covers during the 50s.

There are at least 2 Brazilian stories featuring Joe Carioca drawn by Jorge Kato, published in 1959 and 1960 (writers unknown).
After that, Brazilian-made stories were published in Zé Carioca, starting in its premiere issue (Jan 10, 1961). It took a long time until they were exported (but then Brazil began importing a lot of Italian stories, too).

The first brazilian artist is Jorge Kato, and the writers are Claudio de Souza and Alberto Maduar. The second artist to do Zé Carioca stuff is Waldyr Igayara. He does the complete work, from the story to the inking. In the beginning, he made some co-productions with Kato, and for some time, with Izomar Camargo Guilherme, the third brazilian artist. After this, Abril got a production center, and many artists entered on the production.

The most famous character in Brazilian "local" production is Jose Carioca, although Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Fethry, Ellsworth, and Hard-Haid Moe stories are also produced in large quantities. Eega Beeva used to be a mainstay in Brazilian comics, but hasn't been used in the last few years.

In 2000, the main artists were: Paulo Borges, Eli Leon, Gustavo Machado, Luiz Podavin, Aparecido Norberto, Dave Santana, Carlos Mota, Napoleão Figueiredo, Roberto Fukue, Átila de Carvalho, Moacyr Rodrigues, Fernando Ventura.

Main writers in 2000: Arthur Faria Jr, Gérson Teixeira, Genival de Souza, Lúcia Nóbrega, Paulo Mineiro, Rafles, Primaggio Mantovi, Markus Corrêa, Fernando Ventura, Denise Ortega.

Update of the situation in 2002:

They stopped production in the end of 1997, when they fired the editor Primaggio Mantovi and all the writers and artists. The only artist that remained in Abril was Eli Leon.

In 1998, as far as I remember, Abril just produced some Hercules stories.

In the end of 1999 the actual editor was Euclides Miyaura, and he started to develop a totally new production, new comics (never concreticised) and new artists. It's the "Studio's era", since most veteran Disney artists had opened their own Studios. But Miyaura didn't receive support from Abril's managers.

They stopped again in October 2000. Since then, no more local production. There are rumors about a new re-start in 2003...

Story codes

Brazilian story codes have changed several times, since the late 60s when they were adopted:
  • From 1950 to 1967 there are no codes in the stories (the production was very irregular). Reprints can show a code like this: RZC500/1 (Reprint from "Ze' Carioca" #500, first story)
  • In 1968/69, Abril started to use EA##-yy (or EA#-yy) format (EA = Editora Abril; # or ## = sequential number; yy = year, two digits). There are less than 70 stories (I believe) with this code, always featuring Ze' (Joe) Carioca, as far as I know.
  • In 1971, format changed to B-##71 (B = Brazil; ## = sequential number). Sometimes, we can see a 'P', as in 'B-P3772', which means it's a 1-page gag.
  • In 1973 it changed to Byy###.
  • In 1976 it changed again to Byy####, which remains the same until now. (2000 indicated by 00.)

Story codes in Inducks

Arthur Faria Jr. introduced the following code normalisations in February, 2001:

YearAbril's code
Inducks code
1950-1967 RZC501/04 B ZC 501-E
1968-1970 EA-1/68 B 68001
1971 EA-1/71
B 0471
B 71001
B 71004
1972 B 0272
B P1472
B 72002
B 72014P
1973-1975 B 74123 no changes
1976-present B 800234 no changes

The Brazilians did not give most of their covers and illustrations a code. We use our own codes for them, starting with BC. The rest of the code is based on the first Brazilian publication.

contributions: Paulo Barreto, Alipio d'Oliveira Coelho, Arthur Faria Jr., Fernando Ventura

Production in Argentina

General information

The local Disney comics began production in the 1940s with many years of Donald, Mickey, and Li'l Bad Wolf stories, most of them were only used in their own Pato Donald weekly.

Later on, local production was confined to the Jaime Diaz Studios' productions, which were not done expressly for local use, and Daniel Branca's material, which was done for Egmont.

Story codes

As far as we know, the Argentinan producktion did not have story codes.

Story codes in Inducks

The stories from Argentina that are in Inducks (mainly because they were reprinted in Italy) carry the codes XA EPD xxx (xxx being the number of the Magazine where the story's first part was published).

contributions: David Gerstein

Production in Egypt

General information

Egypt produced its own comics in the 1960s and 1970s. They produced their own covers too. The Egyptian Disney comics, invoking ancient Egyptian legends frequently, would appear to be among the least translatable material; the Egyptians do, however, reprint material from all over the globe, too.

Story codes

Egyptian stories or covers don't seem to have a code.

Story codes in Inducks

Egyptian stories have codes starting with Xeg/.

contributions: David Gerstein, François

Production in Australia

General information

Australia made their own comic covers, at a certain time. And some newspaper production seems to be published in Australia only.

Story codes in Inducks

We give the Australian cover production story codes starting with Xau/.
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