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This page contains some often-used terms related to Inducks (in alphabetical order).

COA The name of the search webpages of Inducks. This name was made up by François, who originally hosted the webpages in France. COA doesn't really mean anything.
Dark Ages The period of Italian Topolino where we have little credit information: after the Fossati index, and before the comics started printing credits. Also known as Oxen Years.
DcD An old name of Inducks. In February, 1999, we decided to abandon this name.
ddb The name of the mailing list for indexers. This name was chosen long ago, by Frank Stajano, and I think it means Disney DataBases. (In those days, there were various different databases, not yet intergrated in one Inducks database.)
DECISION A decision made by the indexers about database matters. In e-mail correspondence between indexers, a decision is marked with the word DECISION in upper case, so they can be traced back easily. If the D-word is used while no real decision is made, we often change the O in that word by a zero, so a search for DECISION will not include that e-mail.
Dizni A computer program that links all Inducks data together (and makes so-called ISV files).
FSB The name of the Italian story data (by Fossati/Stajano/Barlotti). This used to be a separate database, but is now integrated in Inducks.
Inducks The name of the database, officially I.N.D.U.C.K.S. We have not figured out yet was this name means! 8-)
We made some attempts: see the text below this table.
Input files Files that are used by Dizni as the original sources of the data. These files are usually created and edited by humans.
Internal files Files produced by Dizni that contain all Inducks data. These files are used by other computer programs (mainly COA).
Jones Boys Italian indexers.
Output files Files generated by Dizni, mainly used to check the input files.
Story A related piece of art, consisting of at least one drawing. Covers, illustrations, newspaper gags, etc. are all considered stories.

We made some attempts to come up with a sensible meaning for Inducks. Here's a list, for your entertainment. None of these meanings have any official status.
Thanks to Brix L. for compiling this list.

Possible meanings of Inducks

  • Index of Numberless Disney-comics-data Unearthed and Collected by Know-it-all Spleeners (Brix)
  • INdex of Data Unearthed by Carl- and Keno-Supporters (Harry)
  • Inter-Net Database for Universal Comics Knowledge. Simple! (Harry)
  • Inter-Net Database for Uncle walt's Comics & Stories (Brix)
  • Index of Not-so-commonly-known Disney-comics-data Unearthed and Collected by Kindred Spirits (Brix)
  • Inter-National Disney Uniform Comic Knowledge & Sources (Rich)
  • Informational Network for Disney's Ubiquitous Comics and Known Sources (Rich)
  • Index of Numberless Disney Universal Comics and Known Stories (Roy)
  • Information Network for Disney Uniform Comic Knowledge and Sources (David)
  • International Network for Disney Universal Comic Knowledge and Sources (Brix)
  • Inducks Needs Disney Universe Comics Kept Stored (Søren)
  • Inducks: Not Disney, but a Useful Comic Knowledge Source! (Harry)
  • Inducks: the Name for the Disney Universe Comics Knowledge System (Harry)
  • Informational Network of Disney's Universal Comics & Known Sources (Rich)
  • Ikke Nogen Disney comics Uden Captain Keno's Signatur (Ole)
  • Information Node about Disney(s) on Uppsala Campus Komputer Server (Ole)
  • Inducks Needs Double-U to Connect to Known Site (Ole)
  • Is it Necessary to Define a Universal Code for Known Stories? (Harry)
  • It's Not Doable for Us to Come with a Knowledgeable Solution! (Harry - this one added 27-6-2001)
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