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Where... what... who...?

This page tries to answer most of your questions about Inducks.

Where did you get all the information?

From various sources: what we see in the comics, interviews or mail correspondence with the creators themselves, administrations in the archives of various publishers.
And from published indexes. Of course, these indexes got their information from the forementioned.
We have an Index of Indexes, an index of the published indexes that were used (or not used) for Inducks. Most indexes are highly recommended material, since they contain information (like pictures) that do not fit in Inducks.

What do all the abbreviations mean?

Have a look at the explanation of the fields.

Who produces all these stories?

Disney comic stories are produced in several countries, by several publishers. You can find an overview of all these publishers on The producktion section of this website.
We also elaborate on story codes, which is the easiest means to recognise where a sepcific story comes from.

Did you manage to put all available information in Inducks?

No. Some information we have is too general for the structure of our indexes. Like "all stories between 1957 and 1960 from country X were written by either Y or Z."
In such cases, we list the information on an additional story credits page.

I like to help you with the indexes. What should I do?

You're very welcome to help us. Start reading the indexer's section of this web site!
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