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Inducks licence statement

Below is the licence text for the Inducks database.

Text between [] are explanatory texts, and are not part of the Inducks

1. [Introduction]
The Inducks database is copyright (c) The Inducks Team.
This Inducks licence describes the terms under which you are allowed to use
the Inducks database.
Although you have not signed an agreement with us, you have to agree to all
the terms of the licence if you wish to use Inducks in any way, because
nothing else grants you the right to use this copyrighted work.

2. [The Inducks Team]
The copyright owner of the Inducks database is The Inducks Team. This team
is represented by Harry Fluks from the Netherlands
[e-mail: h dot w dot fluks at wxs dot nl].

3. [What is the Inducks database]
The Inducks database includes all data in that database, as well as the
definition of the structure of that database. It does not include any
computer programs to work with the database. It also does not include any
pictures that may be accompanying distributions of the Inducks database.

4. [Limited public use]
Definition: "public use" covers all circumstances in which information
derived from Inducks is eventually shown to other parties.
[For instance, publishing Inducks or part of it on a CD-ROM, on the
internet, in a magazine article or a book, as well as using Inducks to
cross-check and fill in the holes of another index you maintain, and then
making that other index public in any way.]
We allow you the public use of the Inducks database [even for profit], as
long as you comply with the conditions in sections 5 and 6 below.

5. [Acknowledge your source]
Any public use of Inducks as defined in section 4 requires you to publish at
least one of the Inducks URLs plus the following note in the credits
section, opening screen, instruction manual, home page or equivalent: "The
data presented here is based on information from the freely available
Inducks database."
The Inducks URLs are:

You are free to choose a URL from the above list.

6. [Return the favour]
Any public use of Inducks as defined in section 4 requires you to grant
everyone [in particular The Inducks Team] the right to freely use,
incorporate and redistribute your derived work under the terms of this
licence, subject to acknowledging your contribution.  The right you must
grant extends to all the sections of your published work that contain data
derived from or checked against Inducks, but not to any other sections
it may contain.
[You are under no obligation to send us a copy of your derived work,
although we will certainly appreciate it if you do!]

End of Inducks licence version 4D

Licence text written by Frank Stajano, adjusted by Harry Fluks.
(Version 4A is version 4 with two URLs added)
(Version 4B is version 4A with URLs updated)
(Version 4C is version 4B with URLs updated and an e-mail address added)
(Version 4D is version 4C with URLs updated)
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