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Stories: FC JM 1987A, FC JM 1987B, FC JM 1987C, FC JM 1987D, FC MPO 89A, FC MPO 89B, FC MPO 89C, FC MPO 89D, FC MPO 89E, FC MPO 89F (other recently indexed comics). Issues: Finland: Aku Ankka Juniori 2021B12. Italy: Mazzi di Carte Disney 20221. Netherlands: Algemeen Dagblad 20220815. Yugoslavia: Микијев Забавник 849 (other recently indexed comics).

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6 scans, 58 story descriptions, 2 character scans (Imp from the Eleventh Dimension, Chinese shopkeeper), creators: Giancarlo Gatti (list).
Scans thanks to delboj, fraply, minz68: MM 129 (ae), MIK 331 (gr), FROZ 58C (it).