Chronological list of indexed stories

August 15, 2022

France FC JM 1987A, FC JM 1987B, FC JM 1987C, FC JM 1987D, FC MPO 89A, FC MPO 89B, FC MPO 89C, FC MPO 89D, FC MPO 89E, FC MPO 89F
Italy IC MC 20221BA, IC MC 20221BB, IC MC 20221CA, IC MC 20221CK, IC MC 20221CL, IC MC 20221CM, IC MC 20221HA, IC MC 20221HK, IC MC 20221HL, IC MC 20221HM, IC MC 20221PA, IC MC 20221PK, IC MC 20221PL, IC MC 20221PM, IC MC 20221TA, IC MC 20221TK, IC MC 20221TL, IC MC 20221TM
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qit/MC 20221, Qit/TL 3480O, Qyu/MZC 849
Belgium XB LS19511222-1
Finland XFC NP2003-06

August 14, 2022

France F JM 20704-G, FC JM 1958A, FC JM 1958B, FC JM 2019A, FC JM 2019B, FC JM 2019C, FC JM 2313A, FC JM 2313B
Italy I TL 3480-00, I TL 3480-01, I TL 3480-4, I TL 3480-5P, IC TL 3480
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/MM2022-18, Qit/TL 3480C, Qit/TL 3480D, Qit/TL 3480E, Qit/TL 3480I, Qyu/MZC 558, Qyu/MZC 662

August 13, 2022

France FC JM 1958C, FC JM 1958D, FC JM 2000B, FC JM 2000C, FC JM 2000D, FC JM 2304A, FC JM 2304B, FC JM 2304C, FC JM 2304D, FC JM 2304E, FC JM 2306B, FC JM 2306C, FC JM 2306D, FC JM 2306E, FC JM 2306F, FC JM 2306G, FC JM 2312A, FC JM 2312B, FC JM 2312C, FC JM 2312D, FC JM 2312E, FC JM 2312F, FC JM 2312G, FC JM 2313C, FC JM 2313D, FC JM 2313E, FC JM 2313F, FC JM 2314A, FC JM 2314B, FC JM 2314C, FC JM 2314D, FC JM 2323C, FC MPO 88A, FC MPO 88B, FC MPO 88C, FC MPO 88D, FC MPO 88E, FC MPO 88F, FC MPO 88G, FC MPO 88H, FC MPO 137A, FC MPO 137C, FC MPO 137D
Holland HC DL1993-05T, HC DL1994-01T
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/MPO 137A

August 12, 2022

France FC JM 2031A, FC JM 2308A, FC JM 2308B, FC JM 2308C, FC JM 2308D, FC JM 2308E
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qyu/MZC 832a, Qyu/MZC 832b, Qyu/MZC 832c
Egypt Xeg/SM 538

August 11, 2022

France FC JM 2020A, FC JM 2020B, FC JM 2020C, FC JM 3661-62, FC JM 3663, FC MPO 64A, FC MPO 64C, FC MPO 64Z, FC MPO 65A, FC MPO 65C, FC MPO 65Z, FC MPO 67B, FC MPO 67C, FC MPO 67D, FC MPO 67E, FC MPO 67Z, FC MPO 82Z, FC MPO 83A, FC MPO 83B, FC MPO 84A, FC MPO 84B, FC MPO 85A, FC MPO 85B, FC MPO 85C, FC MPO 85D, FC MPO 85E, FC MPO 86A, FC MPO 86B, FC MPO 86Z, FC MPO 87A, FC MPO 87B, FC MPO 87C
Holland HC DD2022-30, HC DD2022-30J, HC DD2022-30P, HC DD2022X30, HC DD2022X30A, HC DD2022X30D, HC DD2022X30E, HC DD2022X30M, HC DD2022X30W
Italy IC PA 94C
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/JM 3661-62A, Qfr/MPO 64A, Qfr/MPO 65A, Qfr/MPO 82A, Qyu/MZC 839a, Qyu/MZC 839b

August 10, 2022

Denmark D PRE 39912, D PRE 40066, D PRE 40076, D/SAN 2008-100
France F JM 2515-16-1, FC JM 1826E, FC JM 2008A, FC JM 2008B, FC JM 2008C, FC JM 2299A, FC JM 2299B, FC JM 2299C, FC JM 2299D, FC JM 2299E, FC JM 2299F, FC JM 2299G
Holland HC KA2017-12V
Italy IC PA 86C, IC PA 90C
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AAJR2021-09A, Qfi/AAJR2021-09B, Qfi/AAJR2021-09C, Qfi/AAJR2021-12A, Qfi/AAJR2021-12B, Qfi/AAJR2021-12C, Qfi/AAJR2021-12D, Qfi/AAJR2021B12A, Qfi/AAJR2021B12B, Qfi/AAJR2021B12C, Qyu/MZC 827a, Qyu/MZC 827b, Qyu/MZC 827c, Qyu/MZC 827d, Qyu/MZC 827e
China Xcn/MLHTLY 1AB
Finland XF AAJR2021-12, XFC AAJR2021-09, XFC AAJR2021-12

August 9, 2022

Denmark D 26, D 17763, D 17764, D 17765, D 17766, D 17767, D 17768, D 17771, D 17772, D 17773, D 17775, D 20018, D 20816, D 20817, D 21195, D 21668, D 21669, D 21670, D 21671, D 21837, D 21849, D 21850, D 21852, D 21854, D 21933, D 21934, D 21935, D 22133, D 22137, D 22139, D 22140, D 22282, D 22360, D 22362, D 22364, D 22365, D 22368, D/SAN 2008-003, D/SAN 2008-098, D/SAN 2008-109, D/SAN 2009-012
France F JM 1979-1, FC JM 1826B, FC JM 1826C, FC JM 1826D, FC JM 1838A, FC JM 1838B, FC JM 1838C, FC JM 1979B, FC JM 1979C, FC JM 1979D, FC JM 1979E, FC JM 1992B, FC JM 1992C, FC JM 1992D, FC JM 1992E, FC JM 2515-16E
Holland HC DD2022-28, HC DD2022-28D, HC DD2022-28W, HC DD2022-29M, HC DD2022-29Z, HC DDVB 2022, HC DDVB 2022A, HC DDVB 2022B, HC DDVB 2022C, HC DDVB 2022D, HC DDVB 2022E, HC PO3 327
Italy I TL 3271-00
Posters and other promotional material PMCA 13-B
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2022-32A, Qyu/MZC 836a, Qyu/MZC 836d
Finland XFC AA2022-32B, XFC AA2022-32C

August 8, 2022

France FC AH 17A, FC AH 19A, FC JM 2013A, FC JM 2013B, FC JM 2013C, FC JM 2013D, FC JM 2013E
Italy I TL 3271-1P, I TL 3290-00, I TL 3290-01, I TL 3290-1, I TL 3290-2, I TL 3290-4, I TL 3290-5, I TL 3290-6, I TL 3291-00, I TL 3291-1, I TL 3291-2, I TL 3291-3, I TL 3291-4, I TL 3291-5, I TL 3292-00, I TL 3292-01, I TL 3292-1P, I TL 3292-2, I TL 3292-4, I TL 3292-5, I TL 3292-6, I TL 3293-00, I TL 3293-01, I TL 3293-3, I TL 3293-4, I TL 3293-5, I TL 3293-6, I TL 3294-00, I TL 3294-1, I TL 3294-2, I TL 3294-3, I TL 3294-4, I TL 3295-00, I TL 3295-1, I TL 3295-2, I TL 3295-3, I TL 3295-4, I TL 3295-5, I TL 3296-00, I TL 3296-1, I TL 3296-2, I TL 3296-3, I TL 3296-4, I TL 3296-5, I TL 3297-00, I TL 3297-2, I TL 3297-3, I TL 3297-5, I TL 3297-6, I TL 3298-00, I TL 3298-01, I TL 3298-02, I TL 3298-03, I TL 3298-04, I TL 3298-1, I TL 3298-4, I TL 3298-5, I TL 3299-00, I TL 3299-04, I TL 3299-1, I TL 3299-3, I TL 3299-4, I TL 3299-5, I TL 3299-6
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qit/TL 3478R, Qyu/MZC 838a, Qyu/MZC 838b, Qyu/MZC 838e, Qyu/MZC 841a, Qyu/MZC 841b, Qyu/MZC 842a, Qyu/MZC 843a
Yugoslavia XYC MZC 864, XYC MZC 894

August 7, 2022

Denmark D 2021-139, D 2021-161, D 2021-196
France FC JM 1963A, FC JM 1963B, FC JM 1963C, FC JM 1963D, FC JM 1988Y, FC JM 1995G, FC JM 2296A, FC PM 564
Italy I TL 3271-1p, I TL 3275-1P, I TL 3276-6P, I TL 3278-1P, I TL 3285-1P, I TL 3478-00, I TL 3478-01, I TL 3478-1P, I TL 3478-5, I TL 3479-00, I TL 3479-01, I TL 3479-1P, I TL 3479-3, I TL 3479-5, IC CGC 1C, IC SUD 74, IC TL 3478, IC TL 3478C, IC TL 3479
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qdk/AA2022-32A, Qfr/PM 564A, Qfr/PM 564B, Qfr/PM 564C, Qit/GCFG 16A, Qit/GCFG 16B, Qit/TL 3478C, Qit/TL 3478F, Qit/TL 3478K, Qit/TL 3478N, Qit/TL 3478Q, Qit/TL 3478S, Qit/TL 3479C, Qit/TL 3479D, Qit/TL 3479E, Qit/TL 3479M, Qit/TL 3479P, Qit/TL 3479Q
Finland XFC AATK515

August 6, 2022

Denmark D 28329, D PRE 29702
France FC JM 2292A, FC JM 2292B, FC JM 2292C, FC JM 2292D, FC JM 2296C, FC JM 2297A, FC JM 2297B, FC JM 2297C, FC JM 2297D, FC JM 2297E, FC JM 2297F, FC JM 2297G, FC JM 2298A, FC JM 2298B, FC JM 2298C, FC JM 2298D
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qyu/MZC 791a, Qyu/MZC 791b, Qyu/MZC 791c, Qyu/MZC 791d

August 5, 2022

Denmark D PRE 16973, D PRE 16974, D PRE 16975, D PRE 16976, D PRE 16977
France FC JM 1644F, FC JM 1647C, FC JM 1647D, FC JM 3660
Disney Comics KJZ1116b, KJZ1140, KJZ1213, KJZ1242
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AAJR2022-02B, Qfr/JM 3660A, Qit/DCLL 6B, Qyu/MZC 770a, Qyu/MZC 770b, Qyu/MZC 770c, Qyu/MZC 770d

August 4, 2022

France FC DBG 16
Disney Comics KJZ1245
Poland Xpl/PKR 2547

August 3, 2022

France F MP 259-3, FC JM 2249A, FC JM 2249B, FC JM 2249C, FC JM 2249D, FC JM 2249E, FC JM 2249F, FC JM 2249G, FC JM 2249H, FC JM 2260A, FC JM 2260B, FC JM 2260C, FC JM 2260D, FC JM 2260E, FC JM 2260F, FC JM 2260G, FC JM 2260H, FC JM 2260I, FC JM 2260J, FC JM 2260K, FC JM 2260L, FC JM 2291A, FC JM 2291B, FC JM 2291C, FC JM 2291D, FC JM 2291E, FC JM 2293A, FC JM 2293B, FC JM 2293C, FC JM 2293D, FC JM 2293E, FC JM 2293F, FC JM 2294A, FC JM 2294B, FC JM 2294C, FC JM 2294D, FC JM 2295A, FC JM 2295B, FC JM 2295C, FC MPO 41A
Holland HC DD2016-51U
Italy IC DFUN 70
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qit/GCFG 15A, Qit/GCFG 15B
Greece Xgr/WTPX 6A

August 2, 2022

Denmark D 28351
France F JM 2290-1, F MP 257-1, F MP 258-1, FC JM 2290A, FC JM 2290B, FC JM 2290C, FC JM 2290D, FC JM 2290E, FC MP 256B, FC MP 257A, FC MP 257B, FC MP 258A, FC MP 258B, FC MP 259A, FC PM 374B, FC PM 389F, FC PM 389H, FC PM 389J
Posters and other promotional material PMS 1939-001A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qdk/AA2022-31A, Qdk/AA2022-31B, Qdpw/SIC 3-01, Qdpw/SIC 3-02, Qdpw/SIC 3-03, Qdpw/SIC 3-04, Qdpw/SIC 3-05, Qdpw/SIC 3-06, Qdpw/SIC 3-07, Qdpw/SIC 3-08, Qdpw/SIC 3-09, Qdpw/SIC 3-10, Qdpw/SIC 3-11, Qdpw/SIC 3-12, Qfi/AA2022-31A, Qfi/AA2022-31B, Qfi/AAJR2021-06A, Qfi/AAJR2021-06B, Qfi/AAJR2021-06C, Qfi/AAJR2021-06D, Qfi/AAJR2021-07A, Qfi/AAJR2021-07B, Qfi/AAJR2021-07C, Qfi/AAJR2021-07D, Qfi/AAJR2021-10A, Qfi/AAJR2021-10B, Qfi/AAJR2021-11A, Qfi/AAJR2021-11B, Qfi/AAJR2021-11C, Qfi/AAJR2021-11D, Qfi/AAJR2021B06A, Qfi/AAJR2021B06B, Qfi/AAJR2021B06C, Qfi/AAJR2022-02A, Qfr/PM 389H, Qfr/PM 389I, Qgr/ALM 120C, Qgr/MIK 206G, Qyu/MZC 752a, Qyu/MZC 752b, Qyu/MZC 752c, Qyu/MZC 769a, Qyu/MZC 769b, Qyu/MZC 769c, Qyu/MZC 769d, Qyu/MZC 769e, Qyu/MZC 769f, Qyu/MZC 773a, Qyu/MZC 773b, Qyu/MZC 773c, Qyu/MZC 773d, Qyu/MZC 773e
Finland XFC AAJR2021-06, XFC AAJR2021-07, XFC AAJR2021-10, XFC AAJR2021-11, XFC AAJR2022-02
Greece Xgr/WTPX 2A, Xgr/WTPX 4A
Disney Publishing Worldwide XPW SIC 3, XPWC SIC 3, XPWC SIC 3-1, XPWC SIC 3-2

August 1, 2022

France FC JM 1668D, FC JM 1760A, FC JM 1760B, FC JM 1762A, FC JM 1762B, FC JM 1763A, FC JM 1763B, FC JM 1764A, FC JM 1764B, FC JM 1764C, FC JM 1769A, FC JM 1769B, FC JM 1769C, FC JM 2002B, FC JM 2180A, FC JM 2180B, FC JM 2180C, FC JM 2180D, FC JM 2180E, FC JM 2180F, FC JM 2180G, FC JM 2180H, FC JM 2180I, FC JM 2180J, FC MP 231A, FC MP 231B, FC MP 231C, FC MP 231D, FC MP 231E, FC MP 232A, FC MP 232B, FC MP 232C, FC MP 232D, FC PM 386B
Italy I TL 3250-1P, I TL 3250-5P, I TL 3255-2P, I TL 3258-1P, I TL 3260-5P, I TL 3261-1P, I TL 3267-1P
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qgr/MIK 322P, Qgr/MIK 323P, Qgr/MIK 330P, Qyu/MZC 748d, Qyu/MZC 750a, Qyu/MZC 750b, Qyu/MZC 750c
Egypt Xeg/SM 1459, Xeg/SM 1460, Xeg/SM 1483
Disney comics producers

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