Chronological list of indexed stories

January 24, 2022

France FC JM 531A, FC JM 533A, FC JM 535A
Italy IC TLDLE27B, IC ZPP 40
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qit/DCLL 4C

January 23, 2022

France FC JM 520A, FC JM 525A, FC JM 525B, FC JM 527A, FC JM 528A, FC JM 529A, FC JM 529B
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qus/WDLF 1A
United Kingdom U FF1962-04-14
Disney Publishing Worldwide XPW BV OS 1-1, XPW BV OS 1-2, XPW BV OS 1-3, XPW BV OS 1-4
USA (miscellaneous) XUC WDLF 1B

January 22, 2022

France FC JM 991C, FC JM 991D, FC JM 991E
Disney Comics KJZ 421, KJZ 424, KJZ 450
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qit/PKOM 27A
Greece Xgr/SPD 1
Yugoslavia XYC MZC 539

January 21, 2022

France FC CJM 2, FC CJM 3, FC CJM 4, FC CJM 5, FC CJM 6, FC CJM 7, FC CJM 8, FC CJM 9, FC CJM 10, FC CJM 11, FC CJM 12, FC CJM 13, FC CJM 14, FC CJM 15, FC CJM 16, FC CJM 17, FC CJM 18, FC CJM 19, FC CJM 20, FC CJM 21, FC CJM 22, FC CJM 32, FC CJM 34, FC CJM 35, FC CJM 36, FC JM 991A, FC JM 991B, FC JM 992A, FC JM 993A, FC JM 993B, FC JM 1823D, FC JM 1823E, FC JM 1823F
Holland HC DD2022-03, HC DD2022-03U
Italy I ZPP 41-1, IC GCDN 73
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/CJM 24, Qfr/CJM 25, Qfr/CJM 26, Qfr/CJM 27, Qfr/CJM 28, Qfr/CJM 29, Qfr/CJM 30, Qfr/CJM 31, Qfr/CJM 33, Qit/GCDN 73A, Qit/GCDN 73B

January 20, 2022

France FC JM 481A, FC JM 481B, FC JM 481C, FC JM 482A, FC JM 483A, FC JM 483B, FC JM 483C, FC JM 484A, FC JM 484B, FC JM 485A, FC JM 485B, FC JM 486A, FC JM 487A, FC JM 488A, FC JM 489A, FC JM 1141A, FC JM 1141B, FC JM 1141C, FC JM 1148A, FC JM 1148B, FC JM 1148C
Holland HC EDS2022-01, HC EDS2022-01A, HC PO3 322
Italy IC DBIG166, IC TL 3446
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/MM2022-03, Qit/TL 3446C, Qit/TL 3446F, Qit/TL 3446G, Qit/TL 3446M, Qnl/DDCL 9B, Qnl/DDCL 9C, Qnl/DDCL 9D, Qnl/DDCL 9E, Qnl/MEMO 1, Qnl/MEMO 1A, Qyu/MZC 144L
Chile Xcl/TB 215
Portugal Xpt/APM 8

January 19, 2022

France FC JM 491A, FC JM 492A, FC JM 493A, FC JM 493B, FC JM 494A, FC JM 495A, FC JM 497A, FC JM 1109A, FC JM 1109B, FC JM 1109C, FC JM 1109D, FC JM 1109E, FC JM 1109F, FC JM 1109G, FC JM 1109H, FC JM 1140A, FC JM 1140B, FC JM 1140C, FC JM 1140D, FC JM 1140E, FC JM 1140F, FC JM 1144A, FC JM 1144B, FC JM 1144C, FC JM 1144D
Holland HC PO1 1A
Disney Comics Kus/DA17-04C
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/JM 1109A, Qyu/MZC 535
Poland Xpl/PKR 2437, Xpl/PKR 2607

January 18, 2022

Brazil BC ZCVF 1
France FC JM 987A, FC JM 987B, FC JM 987C, FC JM 988A, FC JM 988B, FC JM 988C, FC JM 988D, FC JM 988E, FC JM 989A, FC JM 989B, FC JM 989C, FC JM 989D, FC JM 989E, FC JM 989F
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2022-03A, Qus/FA 1A, Qus/FA 1B
USA (miscellaneous) XUC FA 7C

January 17, 2022

Italy I TL 3451-00, I TL 3451-01, I TL 3451-1P, I TL 3451-5, IC BPBS 9
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/TP 55AA, Qfr/TP 55AB, Qfr/TP 55AC, Qfr/TP 55AD, Qfr/TP 55AE, Qfr/TP 55AF, Qfr/TP 55AG, Qfr/TP 55AH, Qfr/TP 55AI, Qfr/TP 55AJ, Qfr/TP 55AK, Qfr/TP 55AL, Qfr/TP 55AM, Qfr/TP 55AN, Qfr/TP 55AO, Qfr/TP 55AP, Qfr/TP 55AQ, Qyu/MZC 532
Egypt Xeg/SM 1269

January 16, 2022

France FC JM 981F, FC JM 981G, FC JM 984A, FC JM 984B, FC JM 984C, FC JM 984D, FC JM 986A, FC JM 986B, FC JM 986C, FC PM 73E
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qit/AR 683d, Qit/BPBS 9B
Poland Xpl/PKR 2456

January 15, 2022

France FC JM 975A, FC JM 976A, FC JM 977A, FC JM 977B, FC JM 977C, FC JM 977D, FC JM 977E, FC JM 977F, FC JM 977G, FC JM 978A, FC JM 978B, FC JM 978C, FC JM 978D, FC JM 978E, FC JM 978F, FC JM 979A, FC JM 979B, FC JM 979C
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qyu/MZS 768
Egypt Xeg/SM 1248, Xeg/SM 1256, Xeg/SM 1261
Disney Publishing Worldwide XPW RY GN 1, XPWC RY GN 1, XPWC RY GN 1-1, XPWC RY GN 1-2, XPWC RY GN 1-3, XPWC RY GN 1-4, XPWC RY GN 1-5, XPWC RY GN 1-6
Turkey Xtr/MIKs 1e, Xtr/MIKs 4

January 14, 2022

France FC JM 981A, FC JM 981B, FC JM 981C, FC JM 981D, FC JM 981E, FC JM 982A, FC JM 982B, FC JM 982C, FC JM 983A, FC JM 983B, FC JM 1105A, FC JM 1105B, FC JM 1105C, FC JM 1105D, FC JM 1105E, FC JM 1105F, FC JM 1105G, FC JM 2156A, FC JM 2156B, FC JM 2156C, FC JM 2156D, FC JM 2156E, FC JM 2157G, FC JM 2159A, FC JM 2159B, FC JM 2159C, FC JM 2159D, FC JM 2159E, FC JM 3631, FC JMMP 22
Holland HP DL1999-08
Italy IC CSP 4
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qit/CSP 4A, Qit/CSP 4B, Qit/CSP 4C, Qit/CSP 4D, Qit/CSP 4E
Disney Publishing Worldwide XPW LC GN 1, XPW LC OS 1-1, XPW LC OS 1-2, XPWC LC GN 1

January 13, 2022

Holland HC DD2022-01S, HC DD2022-02T, HC DE2022-02, HC DE2022-02K, HC DJ2021-26, HC DJ2021-26A, HC KA2022-01
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qyu/MZC 426
Turkey Xtr/MIKs 2

January 12, 2022

France F JM 1061-1, FC JM 1061A, FC JM 1061B, FC JM 1061C, FC JM 1061D, FC JM 1061E, FC JM 1062A, FC JM 1062B, FC JM 1062C, FC JM 1062D, FC JM 1062E, FC JM 1062F, FC JM 1062G, FC JM 1062H, FC JM 1063A, FC JM 1063B, FC JM 1064A, FC JM 1064B, FC JM 1064C, FC JM 1064D, FC JM 1068A, FC JM 1068B, FC JM 1068C
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2022-02A

January 11, 2022

France F JM 22001, FC JM 1013A, FC JM 1013B, FC JM 1013C, FC JM 1013D, FC JM 1242A, FC JM 1242B, FC JM 1242C, FC JM 1242D, FC JM 1242E, FC JM 1243A, FC JM 1243B, FC JM 1243C, FC JM 1243D, FC JM 1247A, FC JM 1247B, FC JM 1247C, FC JM 1247D, FC JM 1249A, FC JM 1249B, FC JM 1249C, FC JM 3630, FC JMS 3630
Italy IC AR 36
Egypt Xeg/SM 1239

January 10, 2022

France FC JM 1231A, FC JM 1231B, FC JM 1231C, FC JM 1231D, FC JM 1233A, FC JM 1233B, FC JM 1233C, FC JM 1233D, FC JM 1238A, FC JM 1238B, FC JM 1238C, FC JM 1238D, FC JM 1239A, FC JM 1239B, FC JM 1239C, FC JM 1298A, FC JM 1298B, FC JM 1299A, FC JM 1299B, FC JM 1299C, FC JM 1495A, FC JM 1495B, FC JM 1495C, FC JM 1495D, FC JM 1496A, FC JM 1496B, FC JM 1496C, FC JM 1496D, FC JM 1496E, FC JM 1496F, FC JM 1496G, FC JM 1496H, FC JM 1496I, FC PM 90AA, FC PM 91AA, FC PM 92AA, FC PM 98AA
Italy I TL 3450-00, I TL 3450-01, I TL 3450-1P, I TL 3450-3, I TL 3450-4, I TL 3450-5, I TL 3450-6, IC TL 3445, IC TL 3445C, IC TL 3445D, IC TL 3445E, IC TL 3445F
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/JM 1238A, Qfr/JM 1239A, Qfr/JM 1298A, Qfr/JM 1496A, Qit/TL 3445C, Qit/TL 3445D, Qit/TL 3445I, Qit/TL 3445J, Qit/TL 3445K, Qit/TL 3445M, Qit/TL 3445N
Egypt Xeg/SM 1235

January 9, 2022

France FC JM 1070C, FC JM 1237A, FC JM 1237B, FC JM 1237C, FC JM 1237D, FC JM 1240A, FC JM 1240B, FC JM 1240C, FC JM 1240D
Holland HC DL1999-12, HC DL1999-12A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/JM 1237A, Qfr/JM 1240A

January 8, 2022

France FC JM 1070A, FC JM 1070B, FC JM 1071A, FC JM 1071B, FC JM 1071C, FC JM 1071D, FC JM 1071E, FC JM 1071F, FC JM 1072A, FC JM 1072B, FC JM 1072C, FC JM 1072D, FC JM 1075A, FC JM 1075B, FC JM 1075C, FC JM 1075D, FC JM 1075E, FC JM 1076A, FC JM 1076B, FC JM 1076C, FC JM 1076D, FC JM 1077A, FC JM 1077B, FC JM 1077C, FC JM 1077D, FC JM 1077E, FC JM 1077F, FC JM 1077G, FC JM 1077H, FC JM 1079A, FC JM 1079B, FC JM 1079C, FC PM 104AA, FC PM 115AA, FC PM 119AA, FC PM 121AA, FC PM 126AA, FC PM 137AA, FC PM 139AA, FC PM 148G
Italy IC AO 47037
Finland XFC AA2021-50, XFC AATK508

January 7, 2022

France F MPG 386-1, FC JM 1028A, FC JM 1028B, FC JM 1028C, FC JM 1028D, FC JM 1028E, FC JM 1028F, FC JM 1028G, FC JM 1028H, FC JM 1029A, FC JM 1029B, FC JM 1029C, FC JM 1029D, FC JM 1029E, FC JM 1730A, FC JM 1730B, FC MP 386
Italy IC ZPP 41, IC ZPP 42
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qus/CBDL 24A, Qus/CBDL 24C, Qus/CBDL 24D

January 6, 2022

France F JM 21017, FC JM 1021A, FC JM 1021B, FC JM 1021C, FC JM 1021D, FC JM 1021E, FC JM 1022A, FC JM 1022B, FC JM 1022C, FC JM 1023A, FC JM 1023B, FC JM 1023C, FC JM 1023D, FC JM 1024A, FC JM 1024B, FC JM 1024C, FC JM 1024D, FC JM 1024E, FC JM 1024F, FC JM 1024G, FC JM 1025A, FC JM 1025B, FC JM 1025C, FC JM 1026A, FC JM 1026B, FC JM 1026C, FC JM 1026D, FC JM 1027A, FC JM 1027B, FC JM 1027C, FC JM 1027D, FC JM 1027E, FC JM 1027F, FC JM 1027G, FC JM 1490A, FC JM 1490C, FC JM 1490D, FC JM 1490E, FC JM 1492C, FC JM 1492D, FC JM 1492E, FC JM 1492F, FC JM 1492G, FC JM 1492H, FC JM 1492I, FC JM 1493D, FC JM 1493E, FC JM 3629
Italy IC PSTY 24
Posters and other promotional material PMS 1941-014A, PMS 1942-002A, PMS 2013-001A
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/JM 1490A, Qfr/JM 1492A

January 5, 2022

France FC JM 998A, FC JM 998B, FC JM 998C, FC JM 998D, FC JM 998E, FC JM 1017A, FC JM 1017B, FC JM 1017C, FC JM 1018A, FC JM 1018B, FC JM 1018C, FC JM 1067A, FC JM 1067B, FC JM 1404B, FC JM 1408B, FC JM 1478H, FC JM 1492A, FC JM 1492B, FC JM 1497A, FC JM 1497B
Holland HC DJVB 2020A, HC DJVB 2020B
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfi/AA2021-52A, Qfi/AA2021-52B, Qfi/AA2022-01A, Qfi/AA2022-01B, Qfi/AA2022-01C, Qfi/AA2022-01D

January 4, 2022

France FC JM 1491A, FC JM 1491B, FC JM 1491C, FC JM 1491D, FC JM 1491E, FC JM 1491F, FC JM 1491G, FC JM 1491H, FC JM 1493B, FC JM 1493C, FC JM 1494A, FC JM 1494B, FC JM 1494C, FC JM 1494D, FC JM 1494E, FC JM 1494F, FC JM 1494G, FC JM 1498A, FC JM 1498B, FC JM 1498C, FC JM 1498D, FC JM 1498E, FC JM 1498F, FC JM 1498G, FC JM 1498H, FC JM 1698A, FC JM 1698B
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qfr/JM 1491A, Qfr/JM 1491B, Qfr/JM 1493C, Qfr/JM 1498D, Qfr/JM 1698A, Qfr/JM 1698B, Qfr/JM 1698C
Disney Publishing Worldwide XPW DPG 028

January 3, 2022

France FC JM 1056A, FC JM 1056B, FC JM 1056C, FC JM 1057A, FC JM 1057B, FC JM 1057C, FC JM 1057D, FC JM 1057E, FC JM 1057F, FC JM 1058A, FC JM 1058B, FC JM 1058C, FC JM 1066A, FC JM 1066B, FC JM 1066C, FC JM 1066D, FC JM 1069A, FC JM 1069B, FC JM 1069C
Holland HC DD2021-51, HC DD2021-51D, HC DD2021-51Z
Italy I CARS162-1P, I CARS163-1, I CARS163-2, I CARS164-1, I CARS164-2, I CARS165-1, I TL 3449-00, I TL 3449-01, I TL 3449-1P, I TL 3449-2, I TL 3449-3, I TL 3449-4, I TL 3449-5, IC CARS162, IC CARS163, IC CARS164, IC CARS165
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qit/AR 829c
Disney Publishing Worldwide XPW MDT 7-1, XPW MDT 7-2, XPW MDT 7-3, XPW MDT 7-4, XPW MDT 7-5, XPW MDT 7-6, XPW MDT 7-7, XPW MDT 7-8, XPW MDT 8-1, XPW MDT 8-2, XPW MDT 8-3, XPW MDT 8-4, XPW MDT 8-5, XPW MDT 8-6, XPW MDT 8-7, XPW MDT 8-8, XPW MDT 9-1, XPW MDT 9-2, XPW MDT 9-3, XPW MDT 9-4, XPW MDT 9-5, XPW MDT 9-6, XPW MDT 9-7, XPW MDT 9-8, XPWC MDT 7-1, XPWC MDT 7-2, XPWC MDT 7-3, XPWC MDT 7-4, XPWC MDT 8-1, XPWC MDT 8-2, XPWC MDT 8-3, XPWC MDT 8-4, XPWC MDT 9-1, XPWC MDT 9-2, XPWC MDT 9-3, XPWC MDT 9-4

January 2, 2022

France FC PM 93F, FC PM 93G, FC PM 93H, FC PM 93I, FC PM 93J, FC PM 93K
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/BX 1, Qde/BX 5E, Qde/BX 6D, Qyu/MZC 511D

January 1, 2022

Holland HC DD2021-52, HC DUP 81
Italy I PM 499-1, IC PM 499
Non-Disney and/or non-comics Qde/MM2022-01, Qde/MM2022-02, Qfi/AA2021-49B, Qfi/AA2021E51A, Qfi/AA2021E51B, Qfi/AA2021X49HA, Qfi/AA2021X49HB, Qfi/AA2021X49HC, Qfi/AA2021X49HD, Qfi/AA2021X49HE, Qfi/AA2021X49HF, Qfi/AA2021X49HG, Qfi/AA2021X49HH, Qfi/AA2021X49HI, Qfi/AA2021X49HJ, Qfi/AA2021X49IA, Qfi/AA2021X49IB, Qfi/AA2021X49IC, Qfi/AA2021X49ID, Qfi/AA2021X49IF, Qfi/AA2021X49IG, Qfi/AA2021X49IH, Qfi/AA2021X49II, Qfi/AA2021X49IJ, Qfi/AA2021X49JA, Qfi/AA2021X49JB, Qfi/AA2021X49JC, Qfi/AA2021X49JD, Qfi/AA2021X49JE, Qfi/AA2021X49JF, Qfi/AA2021X49JG, Qfi/AA2021X49KA, Qfi/AA2021X49KB, Qfi/AA2021X49KC, Qfi/AA2021X49KD, Qfi/AA2021X49KE, Qfi/AA2021X49KF, Qfi/AAL2021-27B, Qfi/AAL2021-27B02, Qfi/AAL2021-27B04, Qfi/AAL2021-27B10, Qfi/AAL2021-27B16, Qfi/AAL2021-27B17, Qfi/AAL2021-27B18, Qfi/AAL2021-27B19, Qfi/AAL2021-27B21, Qfi/AAL2021-27B23, Qfi/AAL2021-27B24, Qfi/AAL2021-27B25, Qfi/AAL2021-27B26, Qfi/AAL2021-27B29, Qfi/AAL2021-27B30, Qfi/AAL2021-27B31, Qfi/AAL2021-27B32, Qfi/AAL2021-27B33, Qfi/AAL2021-27B34, Qfi/AAL2021-27B35, Qfi/AAL2021-27B36, Qfi/AAL2021-27B37, Qfi/AAL2021-27B38, Qfi/AAL2021-27B39, Qfi/AAL2021-27B40, Qfi/AAL2021-27B41, Qfi/AAL2021-27B42, Qfi/AAL2021-27B43, Qfi/AAL2021-27B44, Qfi/AAL2021-27B45, Qfi/AAL2021-27B46, Qfi/AAL2021-27B47, Qfi/AAL2021-27B48, Qfi/AAL2021-27B49, Qfi/AAL2021-27B50, Qfi/AAL2021-27B51, Qfi/AAL2021-27B52, Qfi/AAL2021-27B53, Qfi/AAL2021-27B54, Qfi/AAL2021-27B56, Qfi/AAL2021-27B57, Qfi/AAL2021-27B58, Qfi/AAL2021-27B59, Qfi/AAL2021-27B60, Qfi/AAL2021-27B61, Qfi/AAL2021-27B62, Qfi/AAL2021-27B63, Qfi/AAL2021-27B64, Qfi/AAL2021-27B65, Qfi/AAL2021-27B66, Qfi/AAL2021-27B67, Qfi/AAL2021-27B68, Qfi/AAL2021-27B69, Qfi/AAL2021-27B70, Qfi/AAL2021-27B72, Qfi/AAL2021-27B73, Qfi/AAL2021-27B74, Qfi/AAL2021-27B75, Qfi/AAL2021-27B76, Qfi/AAL2021-27B77, Qfi/AAL2021-27B78, Qfi/AAL2021-27B79, Qfi/AAL2021-27C, Qfi/AAL2021-27C09, Qfi/AAL2021-27C10, Qfi/AAL2021-27C11, Qfi/AAL2021-27C12, Qfi/AAL2021-27C13, Qfi/AAL2021-27C14, Qfi/AAL2021-27C15, Qfi/AAL2021-27C16, Qfi/AAL2021-27C17, Qfi/AAL2021-27C18, Qfi/AAL2021-27C19, Qfi/AAL2021-27C20, Qfi/AAL2021-27C21, Qfi/AAL2021-27C22, Qfi/AAL2021-27C23, Qfi/AAL2021-27C24, Qfi/AAL2021-27C25, Qfi/AAL2021-27C26, Qfi/AAL2021-27C27, Qfi/AAL2021-27C28, Qfi/AAL2021-27C29, Qfi/AAL2021-27C30, Qfi/AAL2021-27C31, Qfi/AAL2021-27C32, Qfi/AAL2021-27C33, Qfi/AAL2021-27C34, Qfi/AAL2021-27C35, Qfi/AAL2021-27C36, Qfi/AAL2021-27C37, Qfi/AAL2021-27C38, Qfi/AAL2021-27C39, Qfi/AAL2021-27C40, Qfi/AAL2021-27C41, Qfi/AAL2021-27D, Qfi/AAL2021-27D28, Qfi/AAL2021-27E, Qfi/AAL2021-27E01, Qfi/AAL2021-27E06, Qfi/AAL2021-27E09, Qfi/AAL2021-27E11, Qfi/AAL2021-27E17, Qfi/AAL2021-27E18, Qfi/AAL2021-27E19, Qfi/AAL2021-27E20, Qfi/AAL2021-27E23, Qfi/AAL2021-27E24, Qfi/AAL2021-27E25, Qfi/AAL2021-27E26, Qfi/AAL2021-27E27, Qfi/AAL2021-27E28, Qfi/AAL2021-27E29, Qfi/AAL2021-27E30, Qfi/AAL2021-27E34, Qfi/AAL2021-27E35, Qfi/AAL2021-27E36, Qfi/AAL2021-27E37, Qfi/AAL2021-27E38, Qfi/AAL2021-27E39, Qfi/AAL2021-27E40, Qfi/AAL2021-27E41, Qfi/AAL2021-27E42, Qfi/AAL2021-27E43, Qfi/AAL2021-27E44, Qfi/AAL2021-27E45, Qfi/AAL2021-27E46, Qfi/AAL2021-27E47, Qfi/AAL2021-27E48, Qfi/AAL2021-27E49, Qfi/AAL2021-27E50, Qfi/AAL2021-27E51, Qfi/AAL2021-27E52, Qfi/AAL2021-27E53, Qfi/AAL2021-27E54, Qfi/AAL2021-27E55, Qfi/AAL2021-27E56, Qfi/AAL2021-27F, Qfi/AAL2021-27F02, Qfi/AAL2021-27F03, Qfi/AAL2021-27F04, Qfi/AAL2021-27F05, Qfi/AAL2021-27F07, Qfi/AAL2021-27F09, Qfi/AAL2021-27F10, Qfi/AAL2021-27F11, Qfi/AAL2021-27F12, Qfi/AAL2021-27F13, Qfi/AAL2021-27F16, Qfi/AAL2021-27F17, Qfi/AAL2021-27F18, Qfi/AAL2021-27F19, Qfi/AAL2021-27F20, Qfi/AAL2021-27F21, Qfi/AAL2021-27F22, Qfi/AAL2021-27F23, Qfi/AAL2021-27F24, Qfi/AAL2021-27F25, Qfi/AAL2021-27F26, Qfi/AAL2021-27F27, Qfi/AAL2021-27F28, Qfi/AAL2021-27F29, Qfi/AAL2021-27F30, Qfi/AAL2021-27F31, Qfi/AAL2021-27F32, Qfi/AAL2021-27F33, Qfi/AAL2021-27F34, Qfi/AAL2021-27F35, Qfi/AAL2021-27F36, Qfi/AAL2021-27F37, Qfi/AAL2021-27F38, Qfi/AAL2021-27F39, Qfi/AAL2021-27F40, Qfi/AAL2021-27F41, Qfi/AAL2021-27F44, Qfi/AAL2021-27F45, Qfi/AAL2021-27F46, Qfi/AAL2021-27F47, Qfi/AAL2021-27F48, Qfi/AAL2021-27F49, Qfi/AAL2021-27F50, Qfi/AAL2021-27F51, Qfi/AAL2021-27F52, Qfi/AAL2021-27F53, Qfi/AAL2021-27F54, Qfi/AAL2021-27F55, Qfi/AAL2021-27F56, Qfi/AAL2021-27F57, Qfi/AAL2021-27F58, Qfi/AAL2021-27F59, Qfi/AAL2021-27F60, Qfi/AAL2021-27F61, Qfi/AAL2021-27F62, Qfi/AAL2021-27F63, Qfi/AAL2021-27F64, Qfi/AAL2021-27F65, Qfi/AAL2021-27F66, Qfi/AAL2021-27F67, Qfi/AAL2021-27F68, Qfi/AAL2021-27F69, Qfi/AAL2021-27F70, Qfi/AAL2021-27F71, Qfi/AAL2021-27F72, Qfi/AAL2021-27F73, Qfi/AAL2021-27F74, Qfi/AAL2021-27F76, Qfi/AAL2021-27F77, Qfi/AAL2021-27F78, Qfi/AAL2021-27F79, Qfi/AAL2021-27F80, Qfi/AAL2021-27F81, Qfi/AAL2021-27F82, Qfi/AAL2021-27F83, Qfi/AAL2021-27F84
Egypt Xeg/SM 611A, Xeg/SM 611B, Xeg/SM 611C, Xeg/SM 611D, Xeg/SM 611E, Xeg/SM 611F, Xeg/SM 611G, Xeg/SM 611H, Xeg/SM 611I, Xeg/SM 611J, Xeg/SM 611K, Xeg/SM 611L
Finland XFC AAL2021-25, XFC AAL2021-26, XFC AATKZ472-479
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